dirk förstner

Dirk Förstner was born in 1978 in Manila/Philippines. He started his professional career in the field of gastronomy where he completed two apprenticeships with a final exam as restaurant expert as well as a qualified chef. During this period he gained experience in international enterprises such as the Sheraton Hotel at Frankfurt Airport.

After that Dirk studied Nutritional Science at the University Niederrhein in Mönchengladbach. During his studies he worked part-time as chef and also completed a traineeship in the internal catering section of Henkel K.G.a.A., where he developed a new logistics concept. He gained further experience in the Food Industry by doing traineeships at apetito AG in Rheine followed by his diploma.

After completion of his studies in 2008 he worked as Product Developer and Application Technologist for Loryma GmbH in Zwingenberg. His activities covered the development of functional raw material mixtures for different areas of the food industry. His expertise was focused on the development of coating systems, fine food, meat and vegetarian products.

Since October 2012 Dirk Förstner has been working as an Account Manager for innotaste GmbH.

+49 (0) 2151-525 484

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