silke seidl

Silke Seidl was born in 1970 in Kevelaer. Following her A levels (Abitur), she trained as a laboratory chemist at Stockhausen GmbH in Krefeld. There, having successfully completed the training programme, she was taken on in the “Skin Protection” research and development division. Silke was responsible for the development of cosmetic “leave on” and “rinse off” products. This process extended from the development of the actual product idea, to its development in the laboratory, optimisation in small-scale and large-scale technical trials, and to accompanying the first production runs. During her parental leave, she embarked on further education to become an alternative practitioner. Having passed the official medical exams, she then went on to open her own practice.

Since July 2019, Silke has held the position of Sample Manager at innotaste GmbH.

+49 (0) 2151-525 483

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