Juicy, fresh, sweet or spicy, the pleasure of great flavour is irresistible!

innotaste and its partners from the food and beverage industry brings today's highly demanding consumer an international and diverse palette of tastes.

innotaste offers a full range of flavours for applications in hot drinks, soft drinks, bakery and dairy products, cereals, desserts confectionery, snacks, soups, sauces and ready meals and many others. Flavours and natural flavours are available in both, liquid and dry form, or even encapsulated.

With their Duraromes® and Flexaromes®, dsm-firmenich (formerly Firmenich) is the market leader for encapsulated Flavour solutions. In both products, flavour oils are embedded in a water soluble carbohydrate matrix which brings a longer shelf life and stability. The products vary in their moisture and temperature resistance as well as in the flavour load.

Any flavour goes along with a service package which is tailor-made for the client’s product, such as:

By this innotaste helps the client to save precious time for pre-selection work and to cut down the overall product development time of the client.



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