TastePRINT™ Sucralose

Overweight and obesity are serious health challenges. It affects around 60% of the European citizens. Thus it puts a lot of pressure on food manufacturers to work on sugar reduction in their recipes. Nevertheless food and beverages still need to taste great and consumers are not prepared to compromise on this.

To compliment our taste solution range we have added Sucralose as a food sweetening system. It’s launched under the Firmenich TastePRINT™ Sucralose brand that guarantees high quality and supply security.

Sucralose is the only non-caloric sweetener derived from sugar. Its unique combination of sugar-like taste and excellent stability allows Sucralose to be used as a replacement for sugar in virtually every type of food and beverage – still being cost effective. Sucralose retains its sweetness – around 600 times higher than sugar – over a wide range of temperatures and storage conditions.

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