andreas schockhoven
managing director (marketing-controlling)

Andreas Schockhoven was born in Cologne in 1967. Already during his economic studies at the University of Cologne he gained experience in various sectors of the industry in well known companies, at home and abroad.

After finishing his studies in 1993, Andreas worked as a project and marketing administrator for the company Firmenich Deutschland and subsequently for two years as Marketing Assistant for the Business Unit Beverages Europe in the divisional headquarters in Geneva. On returning to Germany he worked as a Marketing and Business Development Manager where he was responsible for Germany, Benelux and Northern Europe. In this function Andreas built up the local marketing and sensoric activities.

In July 2003, Firmenich assigned the commission management of the Aroma department to him as Commercial Director Flavours, at first for Germany, Scandinavia and Benelux, later in Vienna for Austria, central and Eastern Europe and Turkey. In Vienna Andreas played a decisive role in the set up of the European Distribution Networks of Firmenich.

In November 2004 he founded innotaste together with further partners.

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